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WinnFitness Body Transformation

Helping women lose weight and keep it off for good 
Without the need for strict diets, extensive time spent at the gym, or any guesswork

Real Woman, Real Results 

Be inspired by our client's success stories below 

Start Your Fitness Journey Today

How it works 


Get Started: The first step in your transformation is to take a few minutes to apply and fill out a short form for my 1:1 coaching program.


We begin with an in-depth consultation so I can understand your needs, struggles, and goals. This helps me create a customised strategy that aligns with you and your lifestyle.


I will personally help you reach your goals by providing a structured training plan, nutritional guidance, and mindset coaching to help you establish the necessary habits for lifelong success. Additionally, I will educate you and hold you accountable through a holistic approach, eliminating the guesswork so you can sustain your results for the rest of your life. This coaching is a short-term investment for lifelong success.

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As a 60-year-old, health & wellbeing are essential for happiness and longevity..



Eli creates a monthly training plan for me. It is super simple to use and as a mum of three kids, it gave me the flexibility to work out whenever it is suitable for me in the comfort of my own home.



As a 50-year-old Mum of three, I cannot recommend Winn Fitness Online enough! Tailored workouts. Very inspirational. Four weeks in, and I definitely feel stronger and have more energy.

What you will get

With Eli's support, I learnt that being strong and healthy wasn't about restrictive diets, it was about manageable and sustainable lifestyle choices. Small steps to build better habits. Allowing myself the things I enjoy, and focusing not only on my physical health but my emotional and mental health. Being positive and confident to try and adapt to what life throws our way. Eli promotes a truly positive, holistic and realistic lifestyle that is achievable to you as a person, whilst wearing all the hats we wear. Just thank you, Eli!



Invest in yourself. I didn’t really understand what that meant until I decided to sign up with Elijah. A truly bespoke service, my goals, my needs, my way. Elijah probed and asked questions that allowed him to understand my schedule. At the time, with two young children, he knew I needed flexibility. He never made me feel guilty for not completing a workout, but on the other hand he didn’t really let “I didn’t have time” pass as an excuse. The workouts helped me think differently about food, exercise and my body. I was annoyed at first, no weight loss, but soon realised that Eli was focusing on something else, fat loss! And before I knew it, 5 inches off my waist. I had never looked so well. The scales remained the same, but I looked like I’d lost weight. Thanks to Eli, I built my confidence, I’m stronger and leaner. I sleep better, I’m more patient and focused. If you can, do it. It’ll be the best return on investment you’ve seen

Why WinnFitness? 

You've tried FAD diets and exercise plans. 


You've seen lots of overwhelming stuff online and on social media. Many of them are just quick fixes and don't last. 


You want a different approach. 


We help women who want to improve their health and mindset on a deeper level. 


Our detailed online program helps you develop the right mindset and change your habits.


It's not a one-size-fits-all exercise and diet plan. We're expert coaches in fat loss and lifestyle, working with women one-on-one.


This means you'll learn science and psychology-backed tools to keep your results for life. 


If you're ready to eat without restrictions, build a stronger, leaner body, and have a healthier mindset, apply today.

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