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Summer 8-week kick-start program


This plan is perfect for anyone who feels overwhelmed, not really knowing where or how to start


If you want something that is tailored toward you then this might be the start you need


On this plan, you will receive


✅ Personalised workout plan


Have a tailored exercise plan that is 100% suited to your needs and goals


✅  Nutrition plan & guidance


Providing quick, easy and tasty recipes to help you on your fitness/weight loss journey without feeling restricted or on a boring diet


✅ monthly check-ins & 24/7 Support


This means you'll never fall off track.



✅ Complete Flexibility


ONLINE Personal Training that works around you, your schedule, and your commitments. Train at the gym, train at home, train anywhere, anytime.


Also, get a 15 min introductory zoom call after you sign up

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