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Online Training

Live 1-2-1 online sessions are now available

via Skype or Zoom 

With every challenge brings new opportunities

The world has changed and it has forced us all to adapt. Whether you are still working from home or you don’t yet feel confident enough to attend a gym, online training is the perfect way to start your health and fitness journey.


All you need is a good Wi-Fi connection and some space to move. With little or no equipment, we can work towards your personal goals

Here are a few reasons why online training might suit you


Time & Flexibility


Attending a gym or training outside may prove difficult due to work or other commitments Having a face to face trainer keeping to a weekly schedule, might be impossible for you due to lack of flexibility. Online training saves you time and gives you the flexibility to train anywhere in your living room,  your back garden, on holiday or even at your workplace.


Affordable pricing


Online training removes travel for both trainer and client to a gym or destination, which makes it a cheaper option compared to face-to-face training.

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